HOP L’Immersion

A work, an author, a museum in immersion that invites you to escape!

A work, an artist, a museum or a heritage site, told by an actor or an author to escape from everyday life!

An invitation to an artistic journey, specially designed for those who cannot travel, thanks to digital and virtual reality techniques!

A series of 3 or 4 art workshops per hospital for patients and caregivers led by local artists. A travelling exhibition HOP Draw Your Window, with a selection of these creations visible to the general public.

Broadcasting of cultural MOOCs or visits to museums and/or heritage monuments in virtual reality in the heart of hospitals with a projection on a large screen and a cultural guide in immersion in the hospital.

The museum invites itself to the hospital and art becomes a source of inspiration for patients and caregivers and allows the creation of a stronger social link with the city and its inhabitants with the involvement of many actors.

HOP the Immersion

Beaujoin Hospital


Pierre Garraud


Beaujoin Hospital


HOP the Immersion