HOP The Concerts

An enchanted musical interlude.

Live concerts, chamber music and experiences in the heart of the hospital for patients, their families and caregivers. The care process is replaced by music, with moments of pure happiness to share the passion of the artists who are mobilizing with Hop We Care. To cheer up hospitalized patients and pay tribute to the dedication and courage of the nursing staff with musical interludes to overcome anxiety, reduce pain and stress.

Music and art are combined at all times to take patients on a journey through the world of Chagall, Klimt, Stravinsky, Beethoven and many others. The musician translates the atmosphere and drama of the paintings presented into music and adapts to the cello what the patient sees or feels.

Music at the bedside to alleviate pain and create a true bubble of well-being by reaching out to those who are deprived of these inspiring artistic moments to escape and dream for a few moments away from their care.

Live concerts with big names in French music, jazz bands and choirs that perform in the heart of the hospital exclusively for patients who cannot travel and the nursing staff. A unique opportunity to experience the magic of a live concert. 

HOP The Concerts

Armand-Trousseau hospital


Paris Saint-Joseph hospital


Paris Saint-Joseph hospital


CHRU of Nancy


FME hospital


Rodez center


GHU Psychiatrie
& Neurosciences


Necker hospital


Cochin hospital


Broca hospital


European Georges
Pompidou hospital


HOP The Concerts

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