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Art and culture, a new link inside our Hospitals !

HOP the Concerts

Live concerts in the heart of the hospital with a real stage, sound and light and privileged interactions with artists generating unique emotions! Music to instill emotional interludes to overcome anxiety, reduce pain and stress, soothe and mitigate side effects as shown by numerous scientific studies. (Thanks to innovative digital techniques, the concert can also be broadcast in the patients' room to interact with the artist and the nursing staff).

HOP the Immersion

An artistic immersion in the heart of the hospital to spark the imagination of patients and caregivers to share the passion of an artist, an author or a cultural guide. Painting or writing workshops, visits of museums or heritage sites in virtual reality or streaming to escape from everyday life. An invitation to an artistic journey especially thought for those who cannot move.

HOP the Well-Being

Wellness workshops to forget the care path with real moments of relaxation and letting go : reflexology, hypnotherapy and sophrology workshops led by care professionals. A positive energy bubble for caregivers and patients to reduce their stress and fatigue levels and see life on the positive side thanks to positive thinking techniques.Great healing experiences of mind, body and spirit.