Creation of Hôp Les Voilà! endowment fund


Hôp Les Voilà ! is a foundation dedicated to softening and improving the hospital environment, transforming the care experience by connecting patients and caregivers to the benefits of art, wellness, and culture with multiple initiatives deployed within the hospital thanks to the support of artist and partners mobilized alongside us to make a difference! 

A new artistic initiative for a better hospital experience!

Hôp Les Voilà ! was created in the midst of a health crisis, one that made the living conditions of patients in isolation even more trying. Due to the lockdown restrictions, the Covid-19 pandemic brought to light the difficulties of living confined, without physical presence of loved ones nor access to culture, which is the reality that long-term patients face. 

The mission of Hôp Les Voilà ! is to offer art, culture and well-being to ease the experience of long term patients in hospitals. The team, consisting of partners and artists, mobilizes to act in the heart of hospitals and EHPADs throughout the country. We invite you all to join us to create links, break down barriers and raise awareness for bringing artistic and cultural initiatives to hospitals