HOP The Well Being 

A bubble of positive and communicative energy

Wellness workshops for caregivers and patients to forget about the care process and see life from a positive perspective! Real moments of letting go and relaxation in the heart of the hospital, led by care professionals and Hop We Care partners:

Reflexology, hypnotherapy, and sophrology workshops to enjoy a break of well-being, to reduce stress and fatigue and reboot your energy.

Cheerful workshops with “The Good Mood Class For Health” to activate good mood through the body and mind with tips and stories to let positive thinking guide you!

Micro-naps in the Nap&Up cocoons to encourage disconnection and allow real moments of letting go.

HOP the Well Being

The videos

Cochin Hospital


Georges Pompidou
European Hospital


Adolphe de Rothschild
Foundation Hospital


Paris Saint-Joseph


HOP the Well Being