Ticketmaster invites you to the show with Hop We Care!


Every time you buy tickets for shows, sporting events and leisure activities on the Ticketmaster website, you can contribute a few extra euros to bringing the magic of a live concert to the heart of the hospital for patients and hospital staff!

A host of talented artists are joining forces with Hop We Care for a new 2023 season of live hospital concerts, with a fantastic fundraising campaign orchestrated by Ticketmaster France in partnership with Common Cents France kicking off today.

The fête de la musique is also being prepared at the hospital, so don’t hesitate to support us by buying a ticket on the Ticketmaster platform or making a donation on the Hop We Care website, where you can discover some extracts from the 2022 concert season: -M-, Aldebert, Gaëtan Roussel, Calogéro, Jim Bauer, Eyal and many other artists who have rallied to our side !