Who are we ?

Corinne Fénéon - Director

« Art and sharing dedicated to the well-being in hospitals. »

A rich blend of more than thirty years’ experience starting in finance, then devoted to the world of fashion and luxury which has nourished a more global sensitivity for creation, craftsmanship and art. Having more time available to her after her three children left the nest, combined with a desire to devote such time to the community and put skills, energy and commitment to the service of a social issue. The recent health crisis has made hospitals, patients and caregivers central concerns. The story of Elisabeth Dive, whom I met in New York, has moved me deeply and contributing to the Hop We Care project became an obvious choice.

Stéphane Rumpler


« Art, well-being & culture at the core of care. »

Elisabeth dive

President & Founder

« To live the daily life of hospital differently, through art and culture. »

Marie-Paule Kersual

Board Secretary

« Putting people, art and culture back at the core of relationships. »

André Boulanger

« Music in the hospital: just a moment of shared happiness ! »

Armelle Pasco

« Making culture accessible to as many as possible. »

Corinne Fénéon

« Art and sharing dedicated to the well-being in hospitals. »

Corinne Moreau

« I decided to be happy because it is good for my health. » – Voltaire

Zoé Schmitt

“Beautiful escapes for better health and better care.”

Franck Rousseau

“Music in the hospital, a bubble of happiness and lightness.”

Victoria Safar

« Art, culture, music, technology at the service of patients and caregivers ! »